Mesos + drink

Mesos + drink


Mesos is a cluster manager aiming for improved resource utilization by dynamically sharing resources among multiple frameworks enabling fault-tolerant and elastic distributed systems.
Mesos is a low-level, battle-hardened scheduler that supports several frameworks for container orchestration including Marathon, Kubernetes and Swarm.
Mesos allows us to rapidly experiment with new distributed systems, it provides functionalities that crosses between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), in this seminar we’ll see how to take advantages from the Mesos features.

The event will begin at 5.00 pm and last until 7.00 pm.

At the end there will be a one hour drink networking event.

The day after the workshop you can download from this page the PDF presentation and the video

Open positions in The Net Value network

Title Company Location
WordPress enthusiast Typical Cagliari
Lead web developer – fullstack Typical Cagliari
Tirocinio – Reporter Gourmet Reporter Gourmet Cagliari
Sviluppatore software Java / Javascript GTI Gaming Cagliari
Legal counsel / Avvocato Studio Legale Simbula Cagliari
Tirocinio – Content Creation and Management ambito gourmet food Reporter Gourmet Cagliari
Sviluppatore Android IoTopon Cagliari
Sviluppatore web application su tecnologia javascript MEAN IoTopon Cagliari
Junior iOS Developer – Paperlit Paperlit Cagliari