About Project

Cyclist is a vulnerable element in urban traffic. We wondered: What does cyclist need in cities? First of all, being safer, being clearly visible.

Our solution is BXTAR, a smart device that thanks to its integrated system of rear light, side lights and smartphone app, makes the cyclist clearly visible especially in critical situations like poor visibility, braking or crossing a juncion.

BXTAR produces a beam light wider than 270° making the cyclist clearly visible for those who meet and cross him in the street.

The integrated accelerometer can recognize the braking and make it clear with a more intense red light. The brightness sensor allows BXTAR to automatically adapt to the changing condition of light during the day. In addition, it reacts to cars lights with a more intense and frequent flashlight.

The most important feature of BXTAR is its capability to connect to smartphone via bluetooth, and thanks to the app to use side lights in an unique way. In fact, BXTAR can read the itinerary and anticipate intersections signaling the cyclist with more intense side flash lights.

Project Details