About Project

Eventboost is the leading software helping event planners and companies all over the world organize successful events, work more efficiently, and maximize event ROI. The platform has been designed to make guest registration, event communication, on-site badge printing and check-in simple yet effective.

Users can:

• create events,

• manage guests’ lists and registrations,

• customize invitations,

• build personalized registration pages,

• get confirmation on emails and messages.

• use multiple languages and run multilingual events

The software:
• enables attendee management through screen monitoring of attendees,
• manages real-time statistics, reminders, and follow-ups,
• generates default and custom reports,
• badge creation, print in advance and on-site

For all event type:

• badge creation, print in advance and on-site

• exhibition/vendor management,

• social media promotion,

• surveys & feedback,
• ticketing,

• parties and concerts,…

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Project Details
  • Categories:Current companies
  • Skills:Events, Events Management and Promotion